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Coupled Moon Phase Pendant


Double sided sterling silver moon phase pendant with oxidised details on a 16"-18" sterling silver box chain

Combines the Dark of the Moon (New Moon) on one side and Full Moon on the other.

Dark of the Moon

It is a time of the breath in between. Although invisible, the New Moon is nevertheless softly building its impetus and encouraging you to make a fresh start and build a new foundation. Clean the slate, plan forward and seed your ground. Live in this moment only, let the past slip behind and release its influence on your life. As the dark of the moon puts forth no light, use your own inner luminance and respond purely to your intuition and learn about yourself. Be ready for your own reincarnation, assemble your thoughts and hold on tight - this is the beginning of your new journey!

Full Moon

The garden is planted. It is done. It is now in the hands of the Celestial. It may not yet have flowered but it is growing and gathering all the nutrients and energy it needs from the universe and it will come to harvest and full bloom in the coming weeks in the best way for all concerned. This is the moon that promises fulfillment. It is full and fat with promise, beauty and light to show you the way. You shine and the moon shines!

So it is so. This completes the cycle of complete perfection.


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