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First Quarter Moon Phase Pendant


Sterling Silver moon phase pendant with oxidised details on a 16"-18" sterling silver box chain

First Quarter (Waxing Half Moon)

Your moon is a half moon but known as the First Quarter. This moon is the work phase and the call for action moon. Be decisive now and act by tearing down the old to create the new. This is the moon that lights the heart of the trailblazers, the adventurers and the explorers. Your seed is throwing out roots and finding it's way through the challenges of the earth and is beginning to bud. Hold fast to your intentions and use the energy of the moon to rise above and beyond what you previously believed possible.


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anon 379-019.jpg

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*NB please note for Northern Hemisphere orders the First Quarter moon phase pendants will be the design of the Last Quarter moon phase pendant as the view of the moon is reversed in the different hemispheres.