The Agrarian of Crystal Light
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12 Point Crystal Star


Crystal Quartz | Source: World wide

12 point crystal star by The Agrarian Crystal of Light.

This one only crystal star has been cleared, charged and programmed to hold the high vibrational note of Peace and to impart it to its custodian.

To have Peace, be it.

For more information on the processes used by The Agrarian of Crystal Light, please visit our Blog Mumerings)

This unusual star carved from clear Crystal Quartz is meaningful for manifestation as the points throw forth an abundance of energy  - outwards, upwards and forward in your life. 

The 12 points represent the cycle of time from an astrological aspect – the twelve houses of the zodiac. Combined with the metaphysical force of the Crystal Quartz* this is the perfect crystal to create a new path within this physical lifetime.

(*please see additional information)

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Additional Info

Clear Crystal Quartz

Clear Crystal Quartz is a powerful healing and energy amplifier that is able to construct, hold, intensify, focus, transmit and transform energy and matter.  This comprises all – including thought, emotion and information.

Crystal Quartz holds an ancient energy memory in the core.  It is able to neutralize and clear negativity and impart messages and vibrations to you, as you allow it to do so.

Crystal Quartz will align and attune to your personal vibrational field to enhance and connect your spiritual self with your physical being.