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Selenite Crystal Pyramids


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These pyramids by The Agrarian of Crystal Light

The ancient and sacred shape of the pyramid is a powerful amplifier of energy. Its structure is such that it is able to ground energy by tightly focusing the vibration through the apex to settle on a solid base.

The three sides of the triangle represent the mind, body and spirit and the upward shape of these triangles resonate with energetic action.

These pyramids can be used for meditational purposes (hold your palm face up and place in your non dominant hand) or to clear, align and raise the vibration of the space in which it is placed with the force of the metaphysical qualities of Selenite*

These pyramids measure 4.5 square at the base and have all been cleared, charged and programmed to hold the high vibration of Peace and impart it to its custodian.

To have Peace, be it.

(For more information on the processes used by The Agrarian of Crystal Light, please visit our Blog Murmerings)

*(please see additional information)

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Additional Info

Selenite:  a form of Gypsum

Selenite wears the colour of a satin alabaster cloak. The name Selenite is linked to the moon Goddess, Selene (Greek) and therefore shimmers with the moon's enlightened vibrations.

This stone is of higher resonance andis aligned to the spiritual chakras of the third eye, crown and soul star.  It is said to be the stone of the angelic realm.  Pure and calm it will install a sense of deep peace to its custodian.  Linking closely with your light body it will help you bridge and anchor to the earthly vibrations of this physical world.

You can work with Selenite's sensitive and subtle energies to clear, clarify, purify and neturalise negativity and space.  It will allow a more conscious understanding of the deep subconcious movements of self.

Selenite holds the memory of all. It is the perfect stone of peace and holds a vibration that resides between pure white light and physical matter.  It represents the space between.