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"Window" | Peace Crystal - with reading

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Crystal Quartz | Brazil

Beautiful free standing channelling crystal.

A nice wide channelling face with a clear window like clarity. Very interesting internal formations and some imprisoned ancient dust.

The channelling crystal can take you through the doorway of your inner mind and is therefore a beautiful meditational tool.

"Window" is a gracious and strong crystal that speaks with loud whispers.  She is truly beautiful!

This crystal measures approximately 8cm high x 5 cm wide and weighs 200gm. It can be held quite comfortably and will also help raise the vibration of space if used in decorative display.

As well as holding and echoing the hereditary and metaphysical qualities of clear Crystal Quartz*, it has been respectfully cleared, charged and programmed with the high vibrational note of Peace by The Agrarian of Crystal Light.

To have Peace, be it.

(For more information on the processes used by The Agrarian of Crystal Light, please visit our Blog Murmerings)

This Peace Crystal can be purchased as is, OR with the option of an accompanying intuitive reading.  This reading will be in written format and will impart the messages that are perceived whilst The Agrarian of Crystal Light is working with this crystal.

Please select the option required in the drop down box when purchasing.

Please note: The Agrarian of Crystal Light would like it known that these crystals are not to be considered as medical tools or treatments, in any way.  They should never replace any medical diagnosis or treatment that you seek or are receiving.  If you have any medical, psychological or physical issues, please see the appropriate qualified medical practioners. The crystals are intended for your enjoyment only.

*(please see additional information)



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Additional Info

Clear Crystal Quartz

Clear Crystal Quartz is a powerful healing and energy amplifier that is able to construct, hold, intensify, focus, transmit and transform energy and matter.  This comprises all – including thought, emotion and information.

Crystal Quartz holds an ancient energy memory in the core.  It is able to neutralize and clear negativity and impart messages and vibrations to you, as you allow it to do so.

Crystal Quartz will align and attune to your personal vibrational field to enhance and connect your spiritual self with your physical being.