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Seed of Gold

Gold Pendant


Brass pendant on 16-18" sterling silver box chain.

Gold |

The physical goal of the alchemist was to transmute base metals to gold - a symbol of earthly preciousness and perfection.  Yet underlying this journey was the quest of the spiritual goal of rebirth, enlightenment and to free the soul bound to earth, with self-knowledge.

Therefore the ancient alchemist did not just seek the exquisite metal itself but also practiced the science in their quest for another gold - that of esoteric knowledge, regarded as the panacea - the very elixir of life itself.

"Aurum mostrum non est aurun vulgi" -

"Our gold is not the gold of the masses" 

Gold symbolises the perfection and light of heaven and embodies the powers of the sun trapped in earth that, in turn, seeds all things.

Gold represents the creative glow of divine consciousness within all people linking everyone to the creative mind of a universal God.  The symbol of the circumpunct combines an never ending circle deemed as the sacred space and the feminine spirit with the central bindu dot, signifying the divine and eternal unification of male and female. 


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anon 379-010-Edit.jpg