aaah, the moon

Much has been written on the wondrous magical planet that looms like liquid iridescent radiance in our night sky.  Poetry, mystery, her dusted luminance seeping into our sleeping moments.  She lights our hearts, moves our waterways, bathes our hearts with the promise of magic and lifts our vibrational energy high into the heavens.

She is an old lady.  Not that you would normally mention a woman's age, but this one has seen it all, again and again.  Over 4 billion years of seeing in fact, and she only shows one side of her face to Earth. Aaah, such mystery. She moves us. She pulls our tides, they rise and fall on her say so.  She grows us.  It is on her illumination that we seed ourselves, plant ourselves deep, sprout, grow and reap our own intentions - and that of our sustenance.  She nutures us, brings our emotions to fore, strokes our soul light and rocks us to sleep.

She will whisper to you. She will cleanse you. She will inspire the artist and she will bring music to the musician and ink to the paper of the writer. She will romance the stone. She is at the heart of All That There Is and at the base of All That There Ever Will Be. She sits like a crown in the heavens and she is me and she is you. We are synchronised and in her care as we exist in her cosmic surroundings.

As the dark of the moon slowly lifts her shadowed veil in the coming days, use your own inner illumination and respond purely to your intuition to learn about yourself. Be ready for your own reincarnation, assemble your thoughts and hold on tight.  For this is the beginning of your new journey!

The universe is truly a magical thing is it not?

Lunar Sentence | Leandro Katz | Image via Pinterest

Lunar Sentence | Leandro Katz | Image via Pinterest