Going for Gold!

Last year we released through a very select couple of our retailers a pilot collection of brass pendants.  Based on the obscure, fascinating and ancient properties of the universal elements and Alchemical practices we named this series The Seed of Gold.

We were so excited to receive a wonderful reaction to this range and are now proud to announce we are re-releasing Seed of Gold to our wider community.  They will be in stores and online very soon!! But, be quick - this also will be a limited release run.  

All that there is pendant  from The Seed of Gold series 

All that there is pendant from The Seed of Gold series 

The elements depicted on the pendants are the foundation behind the theories of Alchemy; a mystical practice echoing layers of enthralling magical tales and legends combined with exacting mathematical formulas.

Exploring the mysteries of creation, the ancient alchemists worked first on an intellectual or solar consciousness level to transmute the physical base metals into pure gold. Then they delved deeper into their intuitive or lunar consciousness to create The Elixir - which holds the power to 'perfect' all it touches.  This spiritual quest was a passage seeking an enlightened state.  That of perfection - All That There Is.

Image   Adam Borrello  | model  Paris Fontana

Each of the brass pendants come on a sterling silver box link chain. As with our LaLune series the pendants are bought singly but can be worn as multiples on the same chain. They are all supplied with a beautiful story card outlining the essence of the element.  

Visit our stockist page or our online store for more information.  Sale enquiries can be made through any of our valued retail stockists.  

We hope you love them as much as we do!