The Elements, Universe

"Aurum mostrum non est aurun vulgi"

"Our gold is not the gold of the masses"

The physical goal of the alchemist was to transmute base metals to gold - a symbol of earthly preciousness and perfection.  Yet underlying this journey was the quest of the spiritual goal of rebirth, enlightenment and to free the soul bound to earth, with self-knowledge and remembrance. 

Therefore the ancient alchemist did not just seek the exquisite metal itself but also practiced the science in their quest for another gold - that of esoteric knowledge, regarded as the panacea - the very elixir of life itself.

Image via Pinterest via  ReliquarySF Tumblr

Image via Pinterest via ReliquarySF Tumblr

Gold symbolises the perfection and light of heaven and embodies the powers of the sun trapped in the earth's core, that in turn, seeds all things.  Gold represents the creative glow of divine consciousness within all people linking everyone to the creative mind of the Universe.


Image from Pinterest via Wasbella102 Tumblr


 “Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth, but by washing away from it all that is not gold.”

-Leo Tolstoy

The classical symbol of the element of gold is a circumpunct combining with a never ending circle, deemed as the sacred space and the feminine spirit with the central bindu dot, signifying the divine and eternal unification of male and female.

This symbol is represented on our Seed of Gold series Gold pendant.

Gold element pendant from  Anonymous of 379 Seed of Gold series

Gold element pendant from Anonymous of 379 Seed of Gold series

We love connecting with the gold of the universe and use this meditation to do so.  We share it with you here.

Sit quietly on a comfortable chair.  Feet placed on the floor and with your back straight, palms faced upward. Begin to breathe consciously and rythmatically but not in a forced way.  Bring the breath through your nose and then passively release, slowly letting the breath settle as it wishes.  Intend that you are in tune with the earth's core.

Imagine your feet are slowly planting themselves into the earth and growing hollow roots that dip down deep into the Mother Earth's crystalline centre. Draw up this beautiful crystalline energy into the roots and through your entire being. 

Visualise your crown chakra opening wide and receiving a beautiful gold pillar of light that streams down from the universe and through your own fields meeting up and merging with the crystalline energy of the earth. 

Spend a few moments soaking up the preciousness of the world below you and the universe around you and the combined energies running through your being.  Let the energies meld into yours and become one with it all.

See yourself shine.


With love,

Anonymous of 379