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Moonly Greetings - The Chi of Borrello

We would love to introduce you to (drum roll!)....... Rachel Borrello.

Rachel is a special somebody.  She has her heart chakra wide open and it is completely full of boundless chi. She is a graphic artist, designer, illustrator, business and shop owner at Chi Borrello, and a Virgo!  Anonymous of 379 is delighted to be pairing up with Chi Borrello for a pop up display stall at the Beaufort Street Festival 2015 this coming Saturday, 14th November.  We know lots about this lovely lady and we thought we would share her with you!

Be sure to come by and say hello to us both at the  Beaufort Street Festival  this Saturday 14th November, 2015 from 12pm.  We will be situated north of Walcott on Stand 127 in Precinct 4 (close to the Astor Theatre).  We would love to see you!

Be sure to come by and say hello to us both at the Beaufort Street Festival this Saturday 14th November, 2015 from 12pm.  We will be situated north of Walcott on Stand 127 in Precinct 4 (close to the Astor Theatre).  We would love to see you!


Were you born drawing your way into life?  Has art always been integral to you or did you want to be something else other than an artist when you grew up?

Indeed I was!  I started out with graphic design after high school, though health issues postponed me to pursue. From here I dabbled in health and wellness where I did aromatherapy massage with make-up artistry on the side.

Our family has a strong history of artistic skills.  My grandfather did hand lettering, cartoons and photography in NYC, whilst my great grandfather did intricate designs (engraving) on church chalices and jewellery.  Mum is also extremely talented with a background of interior design and fine art.  I actually grew up thinking I'd be an architect, but graphic design ended up being the winding path I chose.


Artists you admire?

Mark Ryden, Shaun Tan, Daniel Martin Diaz, Yoshimitsu Umekawa, Jacqueline Schlender, Penabranca, Audrey Kawasaki, Simon Beck, and of course - Salvador Dali and M.C. Escher.  There are too many to list!!!!!


Your husband is an artist and photographer (Adam Borrello) so you must have quite a creative household going on!  Do you work together on projects? If so, who tells who what to do!?

It's great being able to bounce ideas off each other and understanding our hectic/odd work time schedules being creatives.  Yes, we have worked on projects together a few times.  We've worked hard over the years (almost 12 to be exact) to build a very grounded relationship, which allows us to be direct, patient, and understanding at all times. This is really the ideal partnership!   

(Adam Borrello)


When did you birth Chi Borrello?

Chi Borrello started late 2014, which was a reformation of Chi Creative.  Chi Creative originally started in early 2008.  After a complete halt to my career due to unexpected health issues (again) for three years, I decided to give my business a fresh start to pursue my next venture. 



As well as producing your amazing stationery and art prints you also take on commission and collaborative projects. Tell us about this process.  Do you specialise in any particular area?

The range of work I take on is relatively broad.  Whilst my art prints and stationery keep me busy, I also create custom logo designs/business branding, wedding stationery, chalk art and web design.  Graphic design has such a massive variety of potential jobs - it definitely keeps me on my toes!


We heard a whisper that you infuse your work with a certain 'chi'.  Do tell?

I put a lot of good energy into anything I do.  I've learnt a lot in the past about generating an abundance of positivity into life, no matter how challenging some of these chapters you encounter may be.  I create my designs from a fresh, calm and harmonious workspace with the intentions of this to be portrayed to each artwork I produce.


What gave you this gorgeous and cheeky chi?


I think this is just who I am.  I can be pretty raw and real when I need to be, but I genuinely have a gentle soul with the best intentions.

The "Chi" in Chi Borrello not only comes from the actual meaning of the word, but also comes from my real name 'Rachel'.  Most people call me Rachi or Chi.


Where do you pull down your inspiration from?

My mum is my inspiration!  She pours her heart and soul into her art and she's never given up.  I aspire to keep the same train of thought to my own business and keep working hard.


What words of wisdom would you give to aspiring entrepeneurs thinking of starting up their own business?

If you can visualise yourself doing what you love, then go for it.  Keep working hard and be extremely patient.  If it means you have to do two or three jobs at once to support your endeavour, then so be it.


We know why we do the moon, the stars and the universal songs - you?

The universe is an incredible part of nature, that's undeniable.  There are so many myths and mysteries about the moon reflecting its influence in the night sky, plus it's a huge impact on our daily lives.  Some of which we may not even be aware of today.  I find the connection between us and the moon a fascinating thing.  Energy cycles, balance, emotions, transformation and self-awarenes..


Which star would you hitch a ride on?

Canopus - The Cleanser of Waters.


Are you a virgo that is incredibly superhuman, organised and pernickety with everything in drawers, or are you a virgo that runs about in chaos and sleeps late because they are very busy being - well, creative!!! ?

BOTH these characteristics define me as a Virgo to a T.  These can be great characteristics but also not so great...I regularly have to re-centre myself by affirming that 'you can only do what you can do,' or 'rest is just as important as work, if not more.'  A lot of the time I get so caught up being pedantic over the small things.


Favourite 'other' zodiac sign?

I have always been drawn to the Pisces sign.  They always say opposites attract!


We know you left your world recently and traveled the world. Favourite place? 

My favourite place...That's a tricky one.  So far I'd have to say Pai/Chiang Mai - Thailand.  The air is clear whilst the people are pleasant and kind.


where would you live if it wasn't perth?

Barcelona or Hong Kong.  Though I've always had a visual fantasy about living in Arizona!


What have you done in past lives?

I feel I may have worked in psychology or working in some way of helping people.



And in this life, Rachel Borrello is making her mark on the local art scene!  Be sure to check her out!


Meet our Stockists

Moon-ly greetings - Emte Boutique

We have one of the most energetic rocket retailers in Emma Owens from Emte Boutique to introduce to you!

Don't let your cupboards be Emte...

Don't let your cupboards be Emte...

Emma, we have to ask what is EMTE? The initials stand for?  The Em-te drawer in my closet?

Oh, I love this question!  Mainly because everyones imaginations run wild with the possibilites of what the Emte could mean.  I may just have to steal your idea though! - Hahaha, mine is much plainer.  One night I was trying to think of a name and I was just putting people I knew, their names with mine.  Em - Emma (me) and one of my closest friends ever, Tess.  She was lucky, Te is what I needed and there you go - a cute little reminder of a friend that has always stood by my side. xxxx


How long have you been a fabulous retailer in Burleigh Heads?  What inspired you to open the shop?

I have been on James Street in Burleigh for almost 6 years from the age of 25, it's crazy how life changes so much but I'm still doing the same thing I was 6 years ago and I love it!!!  I had so many wonderful customers tell me I should be doing it for myself, not for someone else, so I did - and here I am still doing it.

Emte Boutique

Emte Boutique

You are so full of life and effervescence, we see it bubble over into your emails and social media - so you are?  A Leo???  Maybe a Capricorn?  Do tell.

I am a Virgo, the most organised chaotic human being you will ever stumble across.  From as young as I can remember I've been good at one thing - TALKING!  In pre-school the only awards I would get were for being Miss Social Butterfly and my whole life I have always rushed to say things to the point where my Dad has one look for me now - and that look means (he has been saying this for 30 years) "Slow down and think before you start talking." My brain and mouth go 1000 miles an hour, hahaha! I love people and everyone has a story, I'm so intrigued by them, I must know everything!


Bestest label you have ever bought for Emte?

The best label that Emte has is Samantha Wills.  That lady knows humility and kindness and also how to design and produce a product like no other.  She also has such an amazing customer base that I have been lucky enough to sell products to - and to have become friends with.


Best piece of jewellery you've ever owned personally (other than ours!)

Oh I love my moons.  I'm that person who has to lock themselves inside on a full moon, the girl that sits on the beach and cries at eclipses to cleanse my life and renew my spirit - and who religiously recharges my 400 crystal strong collection in the moon light. Favourite piece of jewellery was the question.......right...hahaha....ummmm...I just can't even answer that.  I have a custom made jewellery chest the size of a chest of drawers and two others. You don't even want to know the cost of it all.....



Republica in St. Kilda, Melbourne.  I mean, I dream of their coleslaw and I usually wouldn't even try it if it's on a menu.



I don't eat cake, haha never have like it.  I eat the icing and then share the insides.... if I had to choose it's defs Red Velvet though.


Favourite flower?

Sunflowers.  I sleep with them next to my bed when I can.  They are so happy.



Richard Matthews.



Sarah McColgan.  She has this exclusive horse piece on The Cool Hunter, I would actually give up my first new born for...

Horse | Sarah McColgan via The Cool Hunter

Horse | Sarah McColgan via The Cool Hunter


What are you wearing right this minute?  Describe and label.

Oh my God!  You cannot ask a fashion boutique owner this question, hahahaha!  Well because it's my day in the office and I'm hiding behind my laptop, I have Black Milk tights on, a giant vintage dark blue knit and socks.  My Moon pendant (coupled moon, and some rings from Midsummer Star).


Your rocket is heading - where?

Where ever my family is :)


Past life? Who were you?

I was a Gypsy Girl who sold clothes and jewellery in the market place (or is that me now? I'm not too sure....)


Next life? Who will you be?

Dear God...hopefully a better version of myself xx


Sun or Moon?

Sun.  I get very upset if I don't get my vitamins from the Sun regularly.  I makes me so so happy.  It hurts when it's winter.


Regardless of your answer above :) what is your favourite Moon Phase Pendant and why?

The Coupled Moon pendant, it has so much meaning, the whole re-energising and re-charging and re-sowing and renewing ... people avoid it because it's basically a circle and go for the trendier crescent moon pieces, but if you knew the moon, you would obsess over this one.


Why do you live in Queensland?  (We only ask because we think you should live in Perth!)

If I lived in Perth I wouldn't be able to stock one of my fav brands (YOU GUYS). I live here because my parents moved here to birth me and they kinda need me here to be the funny one at family dinners.  It's also the most beautiful place ever.  We are so close to so many things, it only takes 20 minutes in any direction and you could be in another world.


Tell us about Byron Bay and your new store - it sounds so exciting!

I love Byron Bay, this is one of the places I've adored for a very long time.  I had my 30th birthday there and my hens party and I just go there when ever I need some peace.  The shop was so meant to be and my partner Cory was so encouraging that I couldn't even resist.  His and my family worked around the clock to get it open and it was just so much fun.  We all grew together and it's just perfect.  I had a full time staff member I asked to come on board from day dot and it's just been a dream.


You can visit the lovely Emma and her team at:

3 James Street, Burleigh Heads in Queensland and 5/25 Lawson Street, Byron Bay in NSW

Website:  www.emteboutique.com

Instagram: @emte

Facebook: Emteboutique