Adorn Thyself!

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It is elemental!

Fire - the first element born of creation

Ah!  the first element.

"FIRE;  HIS LIGHTNING - I want to be that restless."  {Rumi}

For a moment, let us look at Fire through the mind's eye.

He (yes, he holds the masculine energy), speaks to us of action.  He is unpredictable, brilliant, strong, warm, refined and transformational. He will crackle expansive thought and he can glimmer with mischevious joy!

The ancient Alchemists believe that Fire incubates the metals in the womb of the earth.  Deep inside her belly she burns and births with universal harmony. Fire will hold this same harmony alight in your heart, warming you with creative enthusiasm and bringing you to new life.  There is a strength in his flames that will hold you in awe of the pure energy in his exciting and passionate movement.  When you hold a 'fire in your belly' you will move forward with the knowing that no other knows - projecting your ideas out into the aether with confidence and vigour!  If your inner fire however is weakening then watch that you are not over cluttering your life and throwing too much 'stuff' on top of yourself.  If you feel yourself smouldering then consciously make space in the ashes to encourage your spark once more.

Image via Pinterest | photographer unknown

Image via Pinterest | photographer unknown

Fire is ruled by who else than the Sun!  So beautiful is he not? The magnificent. The wondrous. The bright.  Spectacular. The largest star.  The God. The magic. 

Archangel Michael is the Angel of the Sun. He brings light, revelation and inspiration.  He is the guardian of higher places and is said to give great comfort for those who are destined to play a role in bringing forth the new Age of Aquarius - the Sixth Sun.

Fire is also aligned to the planet Venus - "I am your Venus, I am your fire, at your desire..." {Bananarama}.  The mysterious Venus is home to thousands of active volcanoes and the hottest known world.  

The element of Fire is linked in astrological terms to the signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. These beautiful signs light up with passion when creatively inspired.  They can glimmer gently and then suddenly flare up in an instant and throw their fiery arms about, drawing you into their intense and warm hearts!  These signs live large. You can trust their powerful intuition, they just know what to do, where to go. They can travel wide and far, high and wide - they are the divine spark!

If you wish to bring the wonders of the element Fire and a little of the divine spark into your own life then position yourself alongside his flaming rememberance with our Fire Element symbol from the Seed of Gold series.  In stores and online.  

Adorn Thyself!

Why adorn?

At Anonymous of 379 we've always believed that adorning our bodies and wearing jewellery comes forward from an inherent primal instinct.  In many instances we painted ourselves with ochre and earth, put bones in our noses, wore necklaces of teeth, ran twigs and flowers in our hair even long before we put on the bearskin to keep us warm.  We clothed for practical reasons, to protect a part of the body, to keep warm - but the decoration?  It served no real purpose to our survival to wear earrings, so why now have we evolved to have ten pairs of earrings on the dresser!?

Kayan Lahwi woman (Myanmar) CC Image via Wikipedia

Kayan Lahwi woman (Myanmar) CC Image via Wikipedia

Our human-ness comes with a physicality.  An embodiment that needs nurturing and feeding on a basic level.  But internally our spirits sing with creativity that dances deep with the unspoken language of the soul.  

We painted ourselves to camouflage ourself on a hunt, or to identify ourselves as part of a tribe. Or maybe to hide our bareness compared with the other creatures blessed with the glory of nature, we used it as a creative adaptation to attract a mate?  The peacock flutters a tail feather, we smeared on ochre and red mud and elongated our ear lobes.

Over the ages the adornment has and will continue to stand for many things.  To make us attractive, to make us fearsome, to connect to our surroundings, to identify us, to put forward our status, our sexuality, to enhance us and to remind us of memories.  Grandmother's ring.  Mum's necklace. His ring.

It is also part of an unconscious ritual of how we connect to ourselves and to each other.  How we connect to the earth, using her gifts to honour our physical connection.  Gaia supplies us with an abundance of beautiful metals, stones and her gems and crystals.  The divine connection between the Universal elements, her forces and ourselves reflects in the jewellery we wear.  

So connect with the deep instinctual primal forces of your DNA, buy pieces that stir your inner voice, remind you of your universal connection and ones that make you touch your core, that reflect your personality and echo the voice of your soul.

It is our belief these pieces of preciousness are far more than the clothes you wear to keep you covered and warm.  These pieces hold a kinetic energy - of the earth they came from and the workmanship that crafted them and of the vibrational imprint of the wearer.  They hold it and they offer it back to you.

So go on - enjoy! Adorn thyself!