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Stars in our eyes!

the zenith series

We have been quietly whispering our way through this January and the full moon just past was where we gave thanks and set our intentions. And lo!  Now we have popped right back up with stars in our eyes!

There is much afoot for 2016.  Wonderfully rare planetary alignments and solar and lunar vibrations that are bound to vibrate our essences and set the stage for a memorably different year.

We are in fact in awe.  We have been taking this breath with some reverence and are now set in the flow.  We are pretty excited.

Individually and as a one human consciousness we are being urged to connect more than ever with our beautiful planet, Mother Earth.  She herself a magnificent portal opening to the entire universe and the heavens beyond - which are also a connection point – to and from whence we came!  Easy to see why we have those stars reflecting in our view!

So let us share our plans with you for the first part of this year -

To honour the vibrational tug of heaven we will be launching our new jewellery collection towards the end of February.  We cannot wait to share it with you and hope you love it as much as we do.  It will be called The Zenith Series, so stay tuned and we will release details VERY soon!  But just to tease you, think zodiac star constellations on a beautiful brass spinning pendant…..the series will be available through our stockists and through our website, but be forewarned – quantities are limited. 

Gemini - Star constellation from The Zenith Series - available from Anonymous of 379 end February

Gemini - Star constellation from The Zenith Series - available from Anonymous of 379 end February

And for our connection to Mother Earth we are so delighted to have acquired a exceptional assemblage of some wonderful PEACE Crystals from The Agrarian of Crystal Light.  These will be showcased exclusively on our website and will be available also from the end of February.

All The Agrarian of Crystal Light crystals already hold an energy memory in their core from their birth and life path within the crystalline structure of Earth, but then have been carefully cleared, charged and programmed with the high vibrational essence of PEACE.  They are absolutely unique and you can be a custodian of one of these wonderful stones soon. 

Crystal Seeds of PEACE from The Agrarian of Crystal Light - available exclusively from Anonymous of 379 online store end February

Crystal Seeds of PEACE from The Agrarian of Crystal Light - available exclusively from Anonymous of 379 online store end February

So hello World! Hello February! We will be in touch with more details soon!

With love,

Anonymous of 379

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"Aurum mostrum non est aurun vulgi"

"Our gold is not the gold of the masses"

The physical goal of the alchemist was to transmute base metals to gold - a symbol of earthly preciousness and perfection.  Yet underlying this journey was the quest of the spiritual goal of rebirth, enlightenment and to free the soul bound to earth, with self-knowledge and remembrance. 

Therefore the ancient alchemist did not just seek the exquisite metal itself but also practiced the science in their quest for another gold - that of esoteric knowledge, regarded as the panacea - the very elixir of life itself.

Image via Pinterest via  ReliquarySF Tumblr

Image via Pinterest via ReliquarySF Tumblr

Gold symbolises the perfection and light of heaven and embodies the powers of the sun trapped in the earth's core, that in turn, seeds all things.  Gold represents the creative glow of divine consciousness within all people linking everyone to the creative mind of the Universe.


Image from Pinterest via Wasbella102 Tumblr


 “Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth, but by washing away from it all that is not gold.”

-Leo Tolstoy

The classical symbol of the element of gold is a circumpunct combining with a never ending circle, deemed as the sacred space and the feminine spirit with the central bindu dot, signifying the divine and eternal unification of male and female.

This symbol is represented on our Seed of Gold series Gold pendant.

Gold element pendant from  Anonymous of 379 Seed of Gold series

Gold element pendant from Anonymous of 379 Seed of Gold series

We love connecting with the gold of the universe and use this meditation to do so.  We share it with you here.

Sit quietly on a comfortable chair.  Feet placed on the floor and with your back straight, palms faced upward. Begin to breathe consciously and rythmatically but not in a forced way.  Bring the breath through your nose and then passively release, slowly letting the breath settle as it wishes.  Intend that you are in tune with the earth's core.

Imagine your feet are slowly planting themselves into the earth and growing hollow roots that dip down deep into the Mother Earth's crystalline centre. Draw up this beautiful crystalline energy into the roots and through your entire being. 

Visualise your crown chakra opening wide and receiving a beautiful gold pillar of light that streams down from the universe and through your own fields meeting up and merging with the crystalline energy of the earth. 

Spend a few moments soaking up the preciousness of the world below you and the universe around you and the combined energies running through your being.  Let the energies meld into yours and become one with it all.

See yourself shine.


With love,

Anonymous of 379

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Moonly Greetings - The Chi of Borrello

We would love to introduce you to (drum roll!)....... Rachel Borrello.

Rachel is a special somebody.  She has her heart chakra wide open and it is completely full of boundless chi. She is a graphic artist, designer, illustrator, business and shop owner at Chi Borrello, and a Virgo!  Anonymous of 379 is delighted to be pairing up with Chi Borrello for a pop up display stall at the Beaufort Street Festival 2015 this coming Saturday, 14th November.  We know lots about this lovely lady and we thought we would share her with you!

Be sure to come by and say hello to us both at the  Beaufort Street Festival  this Saturday 14th November, 2015 from 12pm.  We will be situated north of Walcott on Stand 127 in Precinct 4 (close to the Astor Theatre).  We would love to see you!

Be sure to come by and say hello to us both at the Beaufort Street Festival this Saturday 14th November, 2015 from 12pm.  We will be situated north of Walcott on Stand 127 in Precinct 4 (close to the Astor Theatre).  We would love to see you!


Were you born drawing your way into life?  Has art always been integral to you or did you want to be something else other than an artist when you grew up?

Indeed I was!  I started out with graphic design after high school, though health issues postponed me to pursue. From here I dabbled in health and wellness where I did aromatherapy massage with make-up artistry on the side.

Our family has a strong history of artistic skills.  My grandfather did hand lettering, cartoons and photography in NYC, whilst my great grandfather did intricate designs (engraving) on church chalices and jewellery.  Mum is also extremely talented with a background of interior design and fine art.  I actually grew up thinking I'd be an architect, but graphic design ended up being the winding path I chose.


Artists you admire?

Mark Ryden, Shaun Tan, Daniel Martin Diaz, Yoshimitsu Umekawa, Jacqueline Schlender, Penabranca, Audrey Kawasaki, Simon Beck, and of course - Salvador Dali and M.C. Escher.  There are too many to list!!!!!


Your husband is an artist and photographer (Adam Borrello) so you must have quite a creative household going on!  Do you work together on projects? If so, who tells who what to do!?

It's great being able to bounce ideas off each other and understanding our hectic/odd work time schedules being creatives.  Yes, we have worked on projects together a few times.  We've worked hard over the years (almost 12 to be exact) to build a very grounded relationship, which allows us to be direct, patient, and understanding at all times. This is really the ideal partnership!   

(Adam Borrello)


When did you birth Chi Borrello?

Chi Borrello started late 2014, which was a reformation of Chi Creative.  Chi Creative originally started in early 2008.  After a complete halt to my career due to unexpected health issues (again) for three years, I decided to give my business a fresh start to pursue my next venture. 



As well as producing your amazing stationery and art prints you also take on commission and collaborative projects. Tell us about this process.  Do you specialise in any particular area?

The range of work I take on is relatively broad.  Whilst my art prints and stationery keep me busy, I also create custom logo designs/business branding, wedding stationery, chalk art and web design.  Graphic design has such a massive variety of potential jobs - it definitely keeps me on my toes!


We heard a whisper that you infuse your work with a certain 'chi'.  Do tell?

I put a lot of good energy into anything I do.  I've learnt a lot in the past about generating an abundance of positivity into life, no matter how challenging some of these chapters you encounter may be.  I create my designs from a fresh, calm and harmonious workspace with the intentions of this to be portrayed to each artwork I produce.


What gave you this gorgeous and cheeky chi?


I think this is just who I am.  I can be pretty raw and real when I need to be, but I genuinely have a gentle soul with the best intentions.

The "Chi" in Chi Borrello not only comes from the actual meaning of the word, but also comes from my real name 'Rachel'.  Most people call me Rachi or Chi.


Where do you pull down your inspiration from?

My mum is my inspiration!  She pours her heart and soul into her art and she's never given up.  I aspire to keep the same train of thought to my own business and keep working hard.


What words of wisdom would you give to aspiring entrepeneurs thinking of starting up their own business?

If you can visualise yourself doing what you love, then go for it.  Keep working hard and be extremely patient.  If it means you have to do two or three jobs at once to support your endeavour, then so be it.


We know why we do the moon, the stars and the universal songs - you?

The universe is an incredible part of nature, that's undeniable.  There are so many myths and mysteries about the moon reflecting its influence in the night sky, plus it's a huge impact on our daily lives.  Some of which we may not even be aware of today.  I find the connection between us and the moon a fascinating thing.  Energy cycles, balance, emotions, transformation and self-awarenes..


Which star would you hitch a ride on?

Canopus - The Cleanser of Waters.


Are you a virgo that is incredibly superhuman, organised and pernickety with everything in drawers, or are you a virgo that runs about in chaos and sleeps late because they are very busy being - well, creative!!! ?

BOTH these characteristics define me as a Virgo to a T.  These can be great characteristics but also not so great...I regularly have to re-centre myself by affirming that 'you can only do what you can do,' or 'rest is just as important as work, if not more.'  A lot of the time I get so caught up being pedantic over the small things.


Favourite 'other' zodiac sign?

I have always been drawn to the Pisces sign.  They always say opposites attract!


We know you left your world recently and traveled the world. Favourite place? 

My favourite place...That's a tricky one.  So far I'd have to say Pai/Chiang Mai - Thailand.  The air is clear whilst the people are pleasant and kind.


where would you live if it wasn't perth?

Barcelona or Hong Kong.  Though I've always had a visual fantasy about living in Arizona!


What have you done in past lives?

I feel I may have worked in psychology or working in some way of helping people.



And in this life, Rachel Borrello is making her mark on the local art scene!  Be sure to check her out!


The Elements, Adorn Thyself!, Universe

It is elemental!

Fire - the first element born of creation

Ah!  the first element.

"FIRE;  HIS LIGHTNING - I want to be that restless."  {Rumi}

For a moment, let us look at Fire through the mind's eye.

He (yes, he holds the masculine energy), speaks to us of action.  He is unpredictable, brilliant, strong, warm, refined and transformational. He will crackle expansive thought and he can glimmer with mischevious joy!

The ancient Alchemists believe that Fire incubates the metals in the womb of the earth.  Deep inside her belly she burns and births with universal harmony. Fire will hold this same harmony alight in your heart, warming you with creative enthusiasm and bringing you to new life.  There is a strength in his flames that will hold you in awe of the pure energy in his exciting and passionate movement.  When you hold a 'fire in your belly' you will move forward with the knowing that no other knows - projecting your ideas out into the aether with confidence and vigour!  If your inner fire however is weakening then watch that you are not over cluttering your life and throwing too much 'stuff' on top of yourself.  If you feel yourself smouldering then consciously make space in the ashes to encourage your spark once more.

Image via Pinterest | photographer unknown

Image via Pinterest | photographer unknown

Fire is ruled by who else than the Sun!  So beautiful is he not? The magnificent. The wondrous. The bright.  Spectacular. The largest star.  The God. The magic. 

Archangel Michael is the Angel of the Sun. He brings light, revelation and inspiration.  He is the guardian of higher places and is said to give great comfort for those who are destined to play a role in bringing forth the new Age of Aquarius - the Sixth Sun.

Fire is also aligned to the planet Venus - "I am your Venus, I am your fire, at your desire..." {Bananarama}.  The mysterious Venus is home to thousands of active volcanoes and the hottest known world.  

The element of Fire is linked in astrological terms to the signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. These beautiful signs light up with passion when creatively inspired.  They can glimmer gently and then suddenly flare up in an instant and throw their fiery arms about, drawing you into their intense and warm hearts!  These signs live large. You can trust their powerful intuition, they just know what to do, where to go. They can travel wide and far, high and wide - they are the divine spark!

If you wish to bring the wonders of the element Fire and a little of the divine spark into your own life then position yourself alongside his flaming rememberance with our Fire Element symbol from the Seed of Gold series.  In stores and online.  


Going for Gold!

Last year we released through a very select couple of our retailers a pilot collection of brass pendants.  Based on the obscure, fascinating and ancient properties of the universal elements and Alchemical practices we named this series The Seed of Gold.

We were so excited to receive a wonderful reaction to this range and are now proud to announce we are re-releasing Seed of Gold to our wider community.  They will be in stores and online very soon!! But, be quick - this also will be a limited release run.  

All that there is pendant  from The Seed of Gold series 

All that there is pendant from The Seed of Gold series 

The elements depicted on the pendants are the foundation behind the theories of Alchemy; a mystical practice echoing layers of enthralling magical tales and legends combined with exacting mathematical formulas.

Exploring the mysteries of creation, the ancient alchemists worked first on an intellectual or solar consciousness level to transmute the physical base metals into pure gold. Then they delved deeper into their intuitive or lunar consciousness to create The Elixir - which holds the power to 'perfect' all it touches.  This spiritual quest was a passage seeking an enlightened state.  That of perfection - All That There Is.

Image   Adam Borrello  | model  Paris Fontana

Each of the brass pendants come on a sterling silver box link chain. As with our LaLune series the pendants are bought singly but can be worn as multiples on the same chain. They are all supplied with a beautiful story card outlining the essence of the element.  

Visit our stockist page or our online store for more information.  Sale enquiries can be made through any of our valued retail stockists.  

We hope you love them as much as we do!



aaah, the moon

Much has been written on the wondrous magical planet that looms like liquid iridescent radiance in our night sky.  Poetry, mystery, her dusted luminance seeping into our sleeping moments.  She lights our hearts, moves our waterways, bathes our hearts with the promise of magic and lifts our vibrational energy high into the heavens.

She is an old lady.  Not that you would normally mention a woman's age, but this one has seen it all, again and again.  Over 4 billion years of seeing in fact, and she only shows one side of her face to Earth. Aaah, such mystery. She moves us. She pulls our tides, they rise and fall on her say so.  She grows us.  It is on her illumination that we seed ourselves, plant ourselves deep, sprout, grow and reap our own intentions - and that of our sustenance.  She nutures us, brings our emotions to fore, strokes our soul light and rocks us to sleep.

She will whisper to you. She will cleanse you. She will inspire the artist and she will bring music to the musician and ink to the paper of the writer. She will romance the stone. She is at the heart of All That There Is and at the base of All That There Ever Will Be. She sits like a crown in the heavens and she is me and she is you. We are synchronised and in her care as we exist in her cosmic surroundings.

As the dark of the moon slowly lifts her shadowed veil in the coming days, use your own inner illumination and respond purely to your intuition to learn about yourself. Be ready for your own reincarnation, assemble your thoughts and hold on tight.  For this is the beginning of your new journey!

The universe is truly a magical thing is it not?

Lunar Sentence | Leandro Katz | Image via Pinterest

Lunar Sentence | Leandro Katz | Image via Pinterest