Jewellery Care Instructions and advice


Care Instructions:

Anonymous of 379 uses various metals including oxidised or polished 925 sterling silver or brass and as they are fine and delicate, should be handled with care and love.

To clean your piece, polish with a soft cloth and store in the pouch provided.

To protect your piece, avoid contact with harsh chemicals, perfumes, sunscreens, potions and lotions.

Please do not wear in bed, in the shower or whilst swimming. Best too, to avoid wearing whilst riding wild horses under a full moon!


General advice:

it is so very important to treat your delicate jewellery items carefully. This advice is given as general advice also for ALL delicate jewellery, not just our Anonymous of 379 pieces.  We find often that customers don't realise that the chemicals in many cosmetics, fake tans, shampoos, lotions and perfumes can damage the surface of the metals.  Likewise, chlorine in swimming pools, wearing in bed and in the shower can also affect the longevity of your piece.  

Don't expose the jewellery piece directly to these substances.  Spray your perfume on a part of the body away from your jewellery and simply remove when going to bed or having a shower.

Be particularly mindful of any of the black oxidisation finished pieces such as the LaLune Pendants and the etched design on the Seed of Gold Pendants. This advice would also apply to any plated finishes or designs with stones and crystals you may own.

Store your jewellery in a soft pouch or separate box when not being worn. This avoids the piece being tangled or caught on other jewellery.  We provide you with a soft calico pouch on purchase.

When treated with care and stored properly your jewellery will last you a long time!

All Anonymous of 379 designs are tested in normal wearing situations before being released for sale.  When treated as stated they will last you a long time!

If your require any further information or advice on how to treat your jewellery, please do not hesitate to contact us.